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about Gwendle

Who the Heck is Gwendle?

“Gwendle” is a semi-pseudonym.  It comes from a nick-name I acquired at a former workplace, and which I sometimes use to refer to myself in the third person.  Basically, she is me simplified and exaggerated.

So Who the Heck are You?

I am a human with nerdish leanings who enjoys reading, knitting, and rock climbing, and who prefers to keep their “real” name off the internet for the time being.  I am not a gamer, as I enjoy neither role playing nor modern consoles, but I do have an Atari 2600.  Full disclosure: I had to look up the number to make sure I got it right, but whenever I say I have an Atari people usually ask if it’s a 2600, so I thought it might be an important detail.  I also enjoy board games.  Favourites include Catan, Kill Dr Lucky, Tsuro, Abalone, and The Red Dragon Inn (in which my favourite character is Pooky).  So maybe I am a gamer, but not the kind you’d immediately think of if I identified myself as such.

I have been an un-professional writer for many years.  When I was much younger I wanted to write novels, I went through a poetry “phase”, and I have attempted this blogging thing before, but without much success or stick-to-it-iveness.  Part of me still thinks I’d like to write a novel, or at the very least a novella, someday; but at the moment such a task would be far too ambitious.  Regular monthly blogs will be enough of a challenge for now.

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