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Me vs. My Brain: Productivity

Although I like to be organized and productive, My Brain likes to procrastinate.

You may recall me telling you that when I’m trying to get myself to the gym in the morning, My Brain sometimes tells me that I don’t have time for the gym because there are more important things to do, like dishes.  You may also recall me telling you that this is a trick.

Let’s pretend for a minute that I listen to My Brain, and stay home.  If I actually did the dishes, and as long as this didn’t happen very often, all would be well.  But this is what actually happens:

Whatever I’m supposed to be doing, My Brain is great at coming up with other things to do.  Sometimes it just overwhelms me with an intimidating list of my neglected responsibilities (which My Brian convinced me to neglect) so that I just shut down completely, unable to do anything at all.

I often sit there, whether doing nothing or doing something that just isn’t what I should be doing (and sometimes isn’t even what I want to be doing) and I think that I should do what I ought, and I try to do it — but it’s like My Brain has taken control of my body, and I keep doing the wrong thing, or nothing, and thinking “I have to stop.  I have to do that other thing.”  But nothing actually changes.

You may be wondering how I ever get anything done; if My Brian never lets me do the dishes, how do they get washed?  Simple.  Sometimes there are more important things to do, like homework, or going to bed on time, or making a YouTube video that I’ve been intending to make for the past two weeks.  That is when My Brain lets me wash the dishes.

Right now I’m supposed to be cleaning the bathroom . . .

. . . and that’s why this post exists 🙂


2 thoughts on “Me vs. My Brain: Productivity

  1. This works so well! 😀 Everything on my to-do list is more interesting than the taxes I’m suppose to be prepping – and I’ve been getting so much done because of it! Eventually, I may only have taxes left to do. When it’s just me vs. one project with nothing else simmering on the back burner, I may actually get those darn taxes done too!!! Maybe. Slowly and painfully I will get them done. Seriously miserable tasks really are a godsend for getting other, less miserable things done. I will probably need a lot more tax-level-boring jobs for future motivation but something tells me they will materialize. 😀 Excellent strategy!

    1. Well, you could always volunteer to help other people with their taxes — although I find other people’s boring jobs that I’m helping with voluntarily are never as boring as my own that I have no choice but to do 🙂

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