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Me Vs. Poetry: Limericks

I’ve spent the last few weeks moving in and out of a fairly severe bout of depression and anxiety. So severe, in fact, that despite a horrible history with them, I have decided to try again with one of the few “anti-depressants” that doesn’t (in my case) make depression worse. What it does do (and this is why I stopped taking it last time) is cause tremors in my hands which make it nearly impossible to do anything requiring fine motor skills — you know, those skills that I just finally got back after nearly a year of nerve issues in my right shoulder, neck, and arm.

So, when I had finished the blog that I was planning to publish this month (I can mostly type, just with a few more errors than normal — plus I was editing one of the many drafts I wrote over the last few years of not publishing anything) I sat down to do the doodles and I CAN’T CURRENTLY DRAW. So that post will remain unpublished for a while longer.

Luckily, it wasn’t the only unpublished draft.

Among the others was an older version of this post — the first sentence was nearly identical, but at the time when I first wrote it my problem wasn’t tremors-as-a-side-effect-of-medication, it was instead “a profound lack of focus which makes it difficult to be creative”. 

I really wanted to be creative. I was working at an unfulfilling job, and I wanted to feel like I was doing something worthwhile with my time; I hoped that creating something would help me to feel better. I wrote about how I used to be creative, and how I had flipped through Past Gwendle’s portfolio to get me going, and how I had drawn a new doodle to illustrate some ancient poetry.

The “new” doodle is now a few years old, and it finally gets to be shared with the world!  So . . . hurray for hand tremors, I guess.

In my final year of high school, I took a creative writing class, and on one particular day, our instructor thought it was a good idea to give a room full of eighteen-year-olds the delightful assignment of writing some limericks.

After listening to several risqué submissions from my classmates about Chesty Larou, and young men named Eenis, I read the first of my two limericks:

When composing a lim’rick it’s best

not to put your good taste to the test;

if it’s bawdy, or crude, or unspeakably rude,

then it won’t stand apart from the rest.

And then I read the second one:

On a bathroom wall someone once wrote:

“Never have kinky sex in a boat

‘cause canoes tend to tip while you’re trying to strip

and a guy wearing handcuffs won’t float.”

Because I’m an insufferable smart-ass.


5 thoughts on “Me Vs. Poetry: Limericks

  1. I am sorry to hear that you are depressed, I hope things improve for you soon. I like your limericks.

  2. You may be depressed, and that is tough on anyone, but you are incredibly funny. You remind me of one of my daughters. The only difference is I’m biased towards her. 😉 I have five kids, 22 grandkids, and 2 great-grandkids. Not including the 2 great-grandkids, I’m trying to get everyone else to start reading your blog. They all need the theropy. 🙂

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