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If At First . . .

Well, inquisitive reader, over the years I have made several attempts at maintaining a creative web presence. 

Once upon a time in the 1990s, the internet was relatively new, and I had a website called “Iggo’s Omniverse” hosted on Tripod.  There I showcased some of my writing — essays, poetry, and the first few chapters of the fantasy novel I was writing at the time, as well as some marginally journal-like stuff that could have passed for a blog before blogs were called that.  I wish I had a screenshot or two to show you — the background was black with random clusters of white pixels that Tripod said represented stars, my website banner contained an image of a spiral galaxy, and the links were all on various animations of crudely rendered spinning planets.  Websites in the ’90s were epic.

For a few years, I had a LiveJournal account through which I made some good friends (hello Heather and Hana!).  Slightly overlapping that I had a myspace on which I posted some bloggish things, but not for very long, nor with any kind of regularity. 

Most recently I had a Blogger/Blogspot account, and that was probably the first time I made a real attempt at actual blogging.  It was also the first time I decided to illustrate my blogs with weird little stick figures. 

That was the blog I was referring to, in which I hadn’t posted anything new since January of 2014.  Some of the blogs here are re-writes of blogs that I posted there — if you were among the half-dozen people who read them I would like to apologize for repeating myself and assure you that there will be more new content here than old.

In the past I have decided I wanted a blog, made the free account, posted things as I wrote them (sometimes multiple posts in a single week, sometimes nothing for several months) and then when the amount of time since I posted became too long, I quit. 

This time I have a plan:

  • To make sure that I keep up with my publishing schedule, I have a stock-pile of pre-written blogs; so if I miss writing some weeks it won’t be a disaster.  Also, WordPress lets me pre-schedule publication which will help to keep me organized.
  • My Webhosting isn’t overly expensive (this is costing me less than Netflix for the year) but it does cost money.  Hopefully, that will keep me feeling like I should use the service so as not to have wasted my money.
  • This time I have done more to promote the blog, and having readers is a good motivation for writing. 

So thank you to all of my REAL readers for joining me on this little adventure.  Thank you for reading, and thank you for commenting, and thank you for inviting your friends.  It makes my day 🙂


3 thoughts on “If At First . . .

    1. Thanks spleen! It’s good to know that at least one of my organs is on my side 🙂
      (I just looked up spleens because I wasn’t sure what they do — spleens are neat!)

  1. Again, this is an old blog entry (5 years) but I want to make a comment or two or so. Whatever you write unless you burn it afterward or delete it, someone will probably read it later. If a person has a complaint about a product and sends a letter or email to the company in question, while it may only be one letter, they will realize that the one letter represents many more letters that were never written but were imagined by disgruntled customers. No matter how well you write a blog or a book or anything else, not everyone is going to like it. There will always be those that like what you write. I will call this group ‘your audience. They may never tell you they like it, but they are enjoying it. In the end, they are the only ones that matter, because they are the only ones that will not only read it but like it. I like genealogy. I’m terrible at it, but I like it. I would love to read a journal written by a great, great uncle or aunt about their life. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything like that. You could take your blog and have it printed as a book to be read by your children if you have any or anyone else in your family years in the future. Like most of your audience, they won’t (or can’t, obviously) respond, since you may be dead by then, but it’s no different from today. I’m sure you have many readers rolling on the floor laughing about your unique take on life. Whether you write once a day or once a year, just do it. The world would be a sadder place without your great sense of humor.

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